Two Major Features the New F-150 Police Responder Borrows from the Standard F-150

Ford recently introduced its new F-150 Police Responder, the first ever law enforcement pickup rated for pursuit. While it does feature certain upgrades and modifications for police use, many of its key features come from the consumer-level F-150.

1. EcoBoost Engine

Ford's groundbreaking EcoBoost line of engines provide more power and better efficiency in a smaller package. The F-150 Police Responder's 3.5-liter V6 unit produces 375 horsepower, 470-pound feet of torque, and easily pushes the truck to its 100-mph limited top speed. It's a variation on the same engine design found in both the F-150 and Ford Raptor.

2. Steel Frame, Aluminum Body

Ford sticks to durable steel for the F-150 Police Responder's frame for rugged capability and towing. The company opted for lightweight military-grade aluminum on the body to conserve strength and improve fuel efficiency. The same combination can be found in consumer-level F-150 models.

While the two may look different on the outside, they're plenty similar on the inside. If you value high-level performance and rugged durability, consider a new F-150 from Ford of Greenfield.

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