What Does an Alternator Do?

Your vehicle’s battery has the job of providing the initial charge to power up the engine and electrical system. Once your car is running, though, the alternator steps in to keep everything charged, including the battery.

An alternator is a low-maintenance part that doesn’t require service, and it has a long life of up to twelve years. When it does finally go, however, even your battery won’t be able to maintain a charge. You will be able to jump the vehicle, but it won’t start back up again without another jump. There are some indicators to look out for when the alternator starts to fail. One of them is dimming lights.

If you start to notice a problem with your vehicle’s charging system, it’s time to have it checked. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere. We’re here to help you at Ford of Greenfield. Stop in when you’re in Greenfield, MA. Schedule your appointment today!

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