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Found exclusively at Ford and Toyota of Greenfield, is a complimentary loyalty program providing peace of mind by covering a number of select services:

Free Brakes for Life!

You can save an estimated $240 every 35-50K Miles.*

Free Wipers for Life!

You can save an estimated $84.98 per year.*

Free Mufflers for Life!

You can save an estimated $652.84 over 10 yrs.*

$900 in Total Potential Savings!

If you purchase a new vehicle you could save as much as $900 in the first 5 years of ownership. If you purchase a pre-owned vehicle you could save even more with GreenShield protection.


Examples of Potential Savings:

  • Car Model Year 2014 - 2019 = $800+
  • Truck Model Year 2014 - 2019 = $900+
  • Car Model Year > 2014 = $2,400+
  • Insert Content.
  • Truck Age Model Year > 2014 = $2,600+


Ford of Greenfield

Details: All new and pre-owned vehicles purchased from Ford and Toyota of Greenfield come standard with GreenShield protection. Find the available services for your model year below. GreenShield is not a warranty or guarantee of any kind. It is a voluntary program offered to customers who purchase and maintain their vehicles at Toyota or Ford of Greenfield. Failure to perform routine maintenance as prescribed will rend the vehicle ineligible for complimentary benefits outlined. The program and its guidelines are set by and approved by the dealership. All claims are subject to the dealership's prior approval. GreenShield is non-transferable to any other individual or vehicle and is valid only on specific vehicles and to the owners originally listed on the title upon purchase at the dealership.

*Brake replacement: is limited to pads or shoes and associated labor only and will be replaced only after their thickness is below 5mm. Resurfacing or replacing rotors, drums, calipers, lines, springs, clips, retainers etc. are not included, but may be required to replace pads or shoes. The customer is responsible for any additional parts or labor. Cost based on average selling price of Ford F150 front brake pads every 35-50Kmiles.

*Wiper replacement: is limited to a maximum of 2 blades or inserts per year and will only be replaced if streaking or skipping occurs and is brought to the attention of the dealership by the customer while a scheduled maintenance is being performed. Cost based on average selling price of Toyota Camry wiper blade replacements every year.

*Muffler replacement: is limited to only the muffler and tailpipe and the associated labor involve in its replacement. The replacement of catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, exhaust manifolds, gaskets, hangers, flex pipes, etc. are not included, but may be required to additional expense to the customer. Cost based on average selling price of Ford F150 muffler replacement every 10 years.